Freeliquid rewards distribution

Announcing the 2nd and the 3rd distribution programs of FL tokens


What is Freeliquid?

What are the USDFL and FL tokens?

  • Creating and voting on community proposals in the governance portal
  • A source of additional income in USDFL through buybacks and burning of FL tokens on Auctions (see Chapter 2.4 in white paper)
  • An instrument to earn additional FL rewards through providing liquidity for USDFL-FL pair (see FL distribution program #2 described below)

How are FL tokens distributed?

Announcing FL reward programs for liquidity providers

Overview of the reward programs

FL distribution program #2

FL distribution program #3

How to participate in Freeliquid reward programs?

Adding liquidity on Uniswap

Locking liquidity tokens in Freeliquid Reward

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APPENDIX 1 — FL issuance chart