This guide will show you how to transfer FL tokens from ETH to BSC. When going through this guide carefully go step-by-step through it. It is very important to always double check that you have done it right before sending any funds. If you send to wrong address / network funds can be lost. So if you are unsure if you have done it correctly after following this guide, please test with a small amount first. You can always contact admins in telegram chat if you need any help.

1.Add new chains to your Metamask

Open OmniBridge UI

Switch your…

Freeliquid smart contracts are expanding to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce that the last tests of Freeliquid expansion to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) have been completed. We will be launching the full support of the BSC application on 28.06.2021. In the post below we provide an overview of what is to expect.

Using Freeliquid on BSC

Freeliquid app on BSC will be available at the same address as our Ethereum platform — For using BSC, users simply need to click on the switch icon on the panel left. Do not forget to change the network to BSC…

Add to FL-USDN liquidity and earn a high APY by receiving the $SWOP farming rewards!

Hi everyone,

The Freeliquid integration into the Waves blockchain has been completed on March 26, 2021. With that, the roadmap for Q1 2021 has been finished as promised in time. The $FL and $USDFL trading pairs are now available on Waves Exchange. On Swop Finance, a FL-USDN pool has been added with its liquidity providers earning $SWOP farming rewards from April 5.

Since there have been many questions about Waves and Swop from our community, we decided to prepare a short guide below. Here, you…

Users of Freeliquid can now borrow $USDFL by depositing Curve’s 3pool LP tokens ($3CRV) as collateral

Starting from 16.3.2021, Freeliquid supports Curve Finance’s 3pool LP tokens ($3CRV) as collateral for borrowing $USDFL. The respective Vault parameters are the same as for other stablecoin pools: min. collateralization ratio 110%, Stability Fee 0%, no liquidation possible. While tokens are locked in Freeliquid Borrow, users will receive income both from 3pool’s base APY and $CRV farming. To our knowledge, these are unique terms in decentralized lending space with Freeliquid being an absolute first mover to offer them.

Dear community,

The vote for…

Answering the common questions about the BSC integration

Dear community,

We have received an opportunity to expand Freeliquid to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We would like to present a proposal to our users and clarify some details in the form of Q&A in this Medium article.

What does “expanding” to BSC mean? Will two Protocols (ETH vs BSC) be connected in any way?
Essentially, Freeliquid smart contracts will be forked and adjusted to BSC. The only “connection” will be a bridge for FL and USDFL tokens between two blockchains — apart from that, both platforms will be independent.

What are…

Announcing proposals for Q1 and Q2 2021

Dear all,

Let us not forget that Freeliquid is governed by the community of FL token holders — many changes to the Protocol parameters can be implemented only after a successful voting.

However, in this roadmap the developer team would like to share its vision on the major project milestones that the Protocol could achieve as a whole. Some of these changes require community voting, some not. But we believe that implementing most of them will have a profound beneficial impact on our platform and its further growth.

Anyway, let us get to…

Announcing the 2nd and the 3rd distribution programs of FL tokens


UPDATE 18.01.2021: Four more liquidity pairs have been added to the 2nd FL reward program, please read below.

After the launch of the Freeliquid Protocol on 21.12.2020, a total value of more than $400,000 in liquidity pool tokens has been deposited in Freeliquid Borrow, issuing around 150,000 of USDFL stablecoins during the first few days only. The developer team of Freeliquid is thankful to all new users for trusting our platform and being the early supporters of the Freeliquid Protocol.

We would like to announce the next two reward programs that will start on 31.12.2020, 00:00 UTC. The 2nd and…

This tutorial explains the basics of using Freeliquid Borrow — a decentralized lending platform that offers loans in USDFL for liquidity providers (LP).

Freeliquid Borrow has been developed to make liquidity pools work as a security asset that its holders can get funding for. For example, only the USDT-USDC pair on Uniswap has over $24 million in liquidity — an asset with minimal volatility that, however, remains locked. Freeliquid Borrow fixes it and offers loans up to 90% in USD of the initial pool value without a risk of liquidation. …

Announcing the launch of Freeliquid and the FL token distribution


  • Freeliquid is a new decentralized lending platform, which offers USD stablecoin loans for providing liquidity pools (e.g., from Uniswap) as collaterals.
  • Users can lock their liquidity tokens on Freeliquid Borrow to immediately get funding up to 90% of the collateral while keeping the passive income from liquidity provider fees. The received funds can be for any purposes, for example, to create more liquidity pools or for trading.
  • At the first stage, following liquidity pairs will be supported as collateral: USDT/USDC, USDT/DAI, USDT/USDN, USDC/DAI.
  • There are two native tokens of the Freeliquid platform: the governance token $FL and the US dollar…


Freeliquid is a decentralized lending platform that offers funding in USD stablecoins for liquidity providers.

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